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Shadowbanned- Is Your Account A Victim Of It ?

Shadow Bann

Have you notice any drop in your Instagram engagement in the last few months ? If so, you aren’t alone. Starting several months ago, a number of profiles started seeing big dips in the engagement on their Instagram content. While some brands experience this originally when Instagram’s feed algorithm was introduced, this was something a little different. Some profiles were actively seeing declines in the growth of the follower count, or their content not showing up in Instagram’s discover section. Some of these user could have been shadowbanned without even realizing that this is something that could ever happen.

What Is Shadowbanned ?

Shadowbans are a little bit like a time – out for users (particularly business profiles, in this context) that are placed because of certain behavior the account makes. This often includes violating terms of services.
In a shadowban, the user isn’t technically banned, so they can still use the platform like they normally would and engage with other users, but their content may be kept hidden or given a lower priority in the algorithm.

In a shadowban, the user isn’t technically banned, so they can still use the platform like they normally would and engage with other users, but their content may  be kept hidden or given a lower priority in the algorithm.

In most cases, the platform will not tell you that you’ve been shadow banned; it’s like they don’t actually want you to know. In the specific case of an Instagram shadowban, your followers can still see your posts, but they may appear further down in the newsfeed.  Your content also won’t appear in the discover section of Instagram or in hashtag searches. This significantly damages your potential reach, leading to drop in engagement and the declining follower count.

Am I Shadowbanned ? 

If you’re seeking consistent decrease in engagement and follower growth, you should consider the option that you’ve been shadowbanned on Instagram. The best way to check is to search for a hashtag after you’ve uploaded a post containing it. If you can find your content (it won’t be in “Top Content” but ” Most Recent”) , then you’re in the clear.


Why You Might Have Been Shadowbanned On Instagram

Behavior that Instagram deems to be spam – like- even if it’s not a technical violation of terms of service, which they could actually ban you for – seems to be the most common cause of being slapped with an Instagram shadowban. Some of the most common ways you can get your account shadowbanned on Instagram (or actually banned) include :-

Using Banned Hashtags    

Did you know that Instagram has banned certain hashtags ?  Typically, Instagram only bans hashtags that are consistently used in ways that are abusive/or violate Instagram’s terms of service.

When in doubt, search for the actual hashtags before using it and see if it shows up a being banned. If it does, you’ll only see a top results section and no ” most recent posts, along with a note at the bottom of the page that the hashtag has been hidden.

Repeatedly Using The Same Hashtags

Instagram may flag your posts as spam if you do this. This is yet another good reason to diversify your hashtag usage; while you can always use your branded hashtag, switch up the generic ones like “#TBT” and “#Instagood”.

Buying Followers

Buying Instagram followers is a bad idea for a lot of reasons; not only do you waste money on “followers” that are typically nothing more than bots, but they can sink your engagement rates and the practice could potentially get you shadowbanned. Technology is sophisticated, and it’s shockingly easy for Instagram to detect bots and the brands that use them.

You’re Exceeding Instagram Posting Limits

Did you know that Instagram had posting limits for your account? I’ll be honest, I didn’t until i was researching this post. You can only like, comment on, and upload so many posts ( and follow so many people ) within a given time frame.
Now, these limits are really high. You’ll have  time hitting them unless you’re using some sort of bot, or you’re using some sort of bot, or you’re really active on instagram.
These limits include-

  • Following or unfollowing no more than 60 people in an hour.
  • Liking no more than 150 posts in an hour.
  • Placing no more than 30 hashtags on a single post.
  •  Posting no more than 60 comments per hour on other’s posts.

How To Come Back From A Shadowban

If you think you’ve been shadow banned on Instagram, the first step is to figure out why. Take a look at the common reason this can happen, and see if you may have accidentally partaken in any of them. If you have, make some changes as soon as possible. Delete the post with the banned hashtag; you can repost it with new hashtags once you do. Get rid of software that isn’t complaint with Instagram’s terms of services.
It doesn’t hurt to give your account some cooling- off time. Stop all activity for 48-72 hours as soon as possible before you come back and resume your marketing.

You can also contact Instagram directly  and report the problem. Make sure you mention that your content isn’t showing up in searches , and not just that engagement is dropping.

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